Reverend James Kwesi Ennin, is the Senior Pastor of River of Life City Church, London. He is an ordained Minister of the Elim Pentecostal Church and a graduate of Hampstead Bible School.

Rev. Ennin is a man with a clear mandate from God to Build, Make and Raise a people of power to impact cities and influence nations. His strongest passion is to see many people, churches and nations, cross over and come into their own inheritance.

As an active family member of I.S.A.A.C. (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) Rev. Ennin submits to the spiritual leadership and covering of Dr. Jonathan David and is one of the representatives of this International governmental kingdom network of churches in the United Kingdom.

Reverend James Ennin is known for his great sense of humour which flows naturally during ministrations, bringing clarity to God’s word and thereby making the word easily accessible for life application. As a man of prayer, his ministry is characterized by a strong supernatural presence and accurate prophetic flow with great manifestation of God's power.


His Friday evening prayer meeting (Destiny Night) brings several believers together for testimony generating prayers providing uncommon solutions to difficult situations. He is also actively involved in impacting Young Adults through youth camps and conferences. Every year, he brings God's word to over 500 youth across Europe and Africa where lives are transformed. He is also a regular speaker in churches, conventions, conferences in Africa, Europe and America.


With his strong believe in progressive knowledge, Reverend Ennin travels to Malaysia annually to study at Dr Jonathan David’s permanent School Of the Prophet and also attends the Annual Global Leaders' Summit and Intense Training for ISAAC Pastors.


Rev. Ennin lives in South London, United Kingdom with his two biological daughters Rachael and Zoe. His fatherly love has been extended to many within and outside his congregation and has positioned him as a father figure to many for whom he offers much support beyond his pastoral duties.

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